Guess? What I can say.

Who would love to have their own clothing line? I was at Guess boutique when I took this photo and I suddenly reminisce back when I was a child, I drew lots of apparels from shirts, skirts and gowns. I remember back then that when somebody would ask me about what do I want to become when I grew up, I would always say — “To be a fashion designer!” Breaking the memories of my childhood days, I looked at myself on one of the whole body mirrors at Guess. This is who I am now. Living in the present, taking up BS Accountancy which is basically far from what the little ‘Me’ of the past dreamed of. I realized that in life, you can not get anything you want. Correct me if I’m wrong but some things aren’t meant to be and some paths aren’t meant for us to cross.

Why? Because of the word REASON. I believe that everything happens for a reason. EVERYTHING. Maybe it isn’t the right time yet. Maybe it isn’t the best for me. Maybe it’s for my own good. Maybe it happened to prepare me for something better to come along my way.

Now that I learned about it, I still have hope that one day I can have my own clothing line and pursue all my dreams. I know that there are reasons why it can or it can’t but I decided not to overthink about those reasons. I believe that after some time, one day, it will come to me and I’ll definitely say, “This is the reason why.

Life doesn’t stop for anybody so keep moving forward.

Today, I hope you find positivity to any life situations you are in. There is, hmm, maybe, a reason why you’re reading this now.

Have faith.


Have a happy day! Don’t forget to smile and to keep the good vibes stored! 🙂


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