Today’s Thoughts

Today’s August 21, 2015. Can you imagine how fast the days gone by? 4 more months and it’s 2016. Let that sink in!

Anyway, I just finished taking a bath and I’m sitting right now on the side of my bed, holding my smartphone and blogging. I miss posting anything here on my humble blog. 🙂

I’ve come to realize that I should stop being anonymous and let people know who I am. Yes, I’m finally going to upload a display icon! *party popper* Haha! Isn’t that cool? I’ll be honest with you guys, I have privacy issues but today, nah uh. I should let myself grow and show the world what I am and what I can be. Hurrah!

I have so many thoughts popping on my head while typing this post so I’m sorry if it’s a bit cluttered.

Okay, next, I have this thought again that I don’t have a destination in my future. Like, I’ll be an ordinary employee surviving in life and regretting the chances and opportunities that I didn’t take. I’m 18, 2 years and I’m 20. Right now, I don’t feel like I achieve anything yet. At school? At home? None. It’s depressing and nonetheless frustrating. Now I’m thinking that it’s my fudging fault. I need to set my goals and work for it. My shitty laziness will definitely make my life worst. Ugh.

Goal. Future. Work. BIG WORD.

I should start believing in myself. For anyone’s sake! No one can ever help me but myself. So hey, my dear reader, I’ve come to realize this damn thing so you will be my living proof! Alright? I’ll show everyone what I’ve got, what I’m not and WHO I AM. (🎶 I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz 🎶) YES! Witty.

I have a 6-chapter quiz tomorrow morning so I really need the push to get going and study the topics.

‘Til then!

(Wait for my icon!) ^_^


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