My Broken Heart – APCC

Hello! It’s September 20, 2015 and as I was typing this blog entry, it’s already 12:33 AM on my clock. Today’s the day I’ve been waiting for for two weeks now. It’s none other than the Asia Pop Comic Con (APCC) Manila 2015. This day was supposed to be my first ever comic-con experience since I’ve started being a fan of superheroes (comics – Marvel & DC). I’m so excited when I heard about the said event because I think that it will be a whole new experience for a starter. (Expi level + points!) Waiting ’til this day, my mind will always fly through corners and boom — APCC!


I always imagine myself lining up to buy tickets, the moment I’ll enter the lobby, the look of the halls, the main stage — everything! I even dreamed of hugging Adam Levine because there are some rumors that he’s gonna be there today accompanying Behati! (I’m a Marooner too, btw) So, I’m like, “everything’s gonna be fun and thrilling! I really need to go!” It’s a full-packed convention and needless to say, every pop comic fan will surely enjoy it.

I just started joining events on malls and contests of comic-based shops this year and I recently won one of Marvel Philippines’ contest last summer. I received a limited edition Ultron flash drive and limited stickers from Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron Movie. (HURRAH!) It was an awesome contest and that’s when my fangirl fire started blowing up to the top!

Going back to the topic, I was hoping that I can enjoy this Sunday, receive freebies (which I loved the most), buy some merch at booths, take a picture with celebrity guests and meet new friends at APCC but sadly, I CAN’T DO THAT.

My                              just fell hard

e           r    t

Ow! Now it’s BR💔KEN.

You know what really really hurts the most? I promised myself last week that if I can pass our Mid-term exam on Financial Accounting, then I can freely go and enjoy the moment. Luckily, I passed it and the worst, I still can’t go.

You would probably ask me why can’t I come? Well, my mom and dad didn’t approved, simply because I have no one to accompany me, in short, I’ll be flying solo. Also, APCC location is a three-hour travel from our address. So what do you expect? 😦

I wanted to go so much. I was desperate like hell. Now, I’m just a sad little girl, crying her heart out in the corner like a baby who’s candy was stolen. It’s blue, bluer than blue, darker than black. It hurts right there in the center of your feelings. It feels like somebody pinched my heart. It’s like an unfinished good dream. I can’t even explain the overflowing disappointing emotion. It feels like I’ve wasted one day of once in a lifetime experience. (Fangirls like me will understand.)

It’s adhskavdiebkabdjabs! Ugh. I badly want to go.

It’s the biggest and baddest damn Comic Con in the country! It was supposed to be my first Comic Con. Much more, I can’t even go to San Diego or New York or Dubai for their Comic Cons. Need I say more? Oh, my poor fangirl heart.

So APCC, I’m still hoping you can still held the event next year here in the Philippines and I’ll promise to be there. Please? Please? Please? Give me another chance.

To everyone who’s gonna be there today and who have been there last Friday and Saturday, I hope you enjoy guys!

See you next time Asia Pop Comic Con!
‘Til then, I’ll be waiting for you — again.
Bring me some good news next year, alright? More surprises and cool stuff for next year.

I’ll try again next time and just move on from my heartaches today.

*cries harder*



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