Do you think I have a chance?

I think I like someone who doesn’t know me (yes, I’m a fan girl). We met once, on his meet greet. He asked my name and we took selfies and pictures together. He’s nice and sweet and thoughtful. (Or maybe because he’s a celeb?) He also accepted my friend request on his private account later that night which gave butterflies to my stomach. He sometimes reply and like my tweets on Twitter (He has around 50K followers, btw).


Anyway, on that event, there’s about a hundred people supporting him. Now, I’m asking you, can you really like someone who doesn’t even know you? Do you think I have a chance? The first time I saw him, I was so star strucked. I was like, omygosh I’m seeing this man with my very eyes. (Can’t hide my smile and giggles that day.) Seriously tho, I may be fangirling right now but there’s a tiny hint of hope in my mind that what if? What if some time in the future? We never know, right? But i know, I’m just a hopeless romantic fantasizing and overthinking everything. I hope he’ll notice me and get to know me soon though. *deep sigh* I should stop getting my hopes up and move on with that event. Yes, I think I should. I know that fantasy and reality won’t ever collide (in my life). Especially if you know your life differences, your social status, and your life from his life. It can’t be. Sad truth?



Shoutout to you! I’ve been following you since you started that contest on a noon time show. Will you ever be a part of my future? Or not? Oh, well good luck on everything and have a safe flight tonight! Wishing you all the best especially on your career. You’re gaining more popularity and I don’t think I can ever standout in your eyes.

And to me, I’m just going to let life happen. Let’s see how things will turn out in the future. I’m just going to enjoy the ride now. I’m just that girl to your chinky eyes. See you when I see you!


UPDATE 11/15/16: I met this guy for a few times already and I still like him (like as a friend, as a person, not the “like” that’s “like” I know you get me). He already know me and my name too. Safe to say that we’re friends already. And I’m perfectly fine with that NOW! Nothing more, nothing less. I guess I’ll be seeing this guy again this coming December just to hangout and support him too. Just like what friends do. 

I’ll be publishing a gallery soon containing our pictures. Don’t forget to check on my blog for updates! 🙂 


2 thoughts on “Do you think I have a chance?

  1. I agree! Fangirling is hard and expensive in many ways.

    You both look cute! 💕 Richard is too good looking even though it’s blur hahaha

    Liked by 1 person

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