Perks of Being Single

There are so much to love about being single. It’s like having a premium card that earn you points and the accumulated points will soon get you a reward. Yeah, it is something like that. So, you’ve experienced a heart break that’s why you’re single? Or maybe, you’ve never ever been in a relationship? Or you’re not ready to commit yet? Or you’re thinking that everyone’s a fool for falling in love? Or you’re just waiting for your The One? Or maybe you have someone you can’t have?


It’s not as if you’ll be actually single forever.

I’m telling you that you’re situation isn’t worth weeping for, or degrading yourself either. You, me are in this kind of status for a reason or a purpose we’ll soon to find out. So just sit back and relax and let me show you how lovely it is to be… actually… single.

1. When in public transport, you don’t need a seat for two. You only need one for yourself. You can choose wherever you want to sit without thinking about someone you need to be beside with. Duh!

2. You’re effing independent! Isn’t that something to celebrate for? You don’t need someone to always look after you because you got yourself. How badass is that?

3. Go whenever, wherever you want. You don’t need approval for a girl’s pajama party or a boy’s night out (except for your parents, hello minors!). Who cares? Go and party yourself. The night is young!

4. You can do whatever you want. Want to write a story? Go. Want to start a blog? Go. Want to water the garden? Go. Want to watch a series for a day? Go. Want to eat like a pig? Go. Want another round of game? Go. There’s no one stopping you. It’s an effin good freedom.

5. No one cares about how you look. Dressing up for school may sometimes feel like meh! So who cares? Go put that lazy OOTD on. You may feel like you’re not in the mood to comb your hair, wear falsies or put on that concealers, so who cares? Do it. You’re not tryna look good for someone because you have no one. Lol!

6. You save more bucks! Okay, no need to explain. It’s given. Haha!

7. You have more time to spend for your family and friends! Never will this be a disadvantage.

8. No another load of stress! You’ve been so stressed with that project on law or you’ve been having a hard time to cope up with your schedules and deadlines and nope, you don’t have to stress about having a love-quarrel. You only focus on that goal to boost up your carreer. Just awesome!

9. You’re okay to have a crush on one, two or three people cause no one’s going to be jealous. CRUSH ‘EM ALL!

10. For all the single girls out there, I tell you, you can go pure fangirl-ing without hurting another’s ego and self-esteem. Go to that concert, go to that club, follow your celebrity crush, watch his movies, do whatever you want. Status: fangirl

That’s just some of the perks of being single.

But on a serious note, you can focus on being the best version of yourself. Isn’t there’s a popular saying that you should learn how to love yourself before you can love others? If you can be the best, no questions asked, you love yourself.

Being stable and independent is another thing. How boring it is to use the money your parents had given you to treat a girl in a movie house? I mean, yeah, it is kind of sweet but can’t you see the fact that it is more fulfilling if you use your hard earned bucks to date someone that’s worthy of your love? Or be with that someone who’s independent and can stand on his own? Like pay for his/her bills, drove his/herself to work? Right?

But hey, the most important thing of being single is that you are patient.

I know, maybe, that you’re waiting for that someone who’s worthy for your love. That kind of love you deserve. You have enough patience to wait for that someone that isn’t going to give you a hard time.

Someone who will never break your heart.

Someone who will respect you.

Someone who will always support you.

Someone who will stay by your side no matter what.

Someone who will understand you.

Someone who will accept your flaws.

Someone who will take care of you.

Someone who will never ever cheat on you.

Someone who will give you that tight hug whenever you need one.

Someone who will listen.

Someone who wants to grow old with you.

Someone who wants to prove that forever and a lifetime exists

Someone who will look into your eyes and will say:

“I’ve waited for this, and I’ve never been so blessed in my life that out of billions of people, you chose to love me. For that, I am grateful. I love you.”

And mean it.

Everything that’s made in a rush, is usually wrong. Just like in love. So don’t rush into things, take it step by step, slowly but surely. You’ll get there.


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