Wonderful Almost

Note: I won’t be editing nor finishing this blog post. I’ll just leave it here like this. I don’t feel like continuing this post anymore. So long!

You might be asking why I used the adjective wonderful yet it’s just an almost? Well, as of today, there are no more bitterness inside me. Now, I only remember the good times. 

Hi! It’s been two years since the last time we had that almost. That “almost” world of new adventures with you.

I remember how it all started, it’s freshmen year in college, our section created this group on Facebook and you posted a question about basic accounting. I saw it, I knew the answer because I already asked my Dad about that. So, I commented the answer with a screenshot from Google to prove you that my answer is correct. You added me as a friend and I accepted you. You messaged me for more of your queries, maybe you’re thinking that day that I’m an accounting genius or what, but dude I’m not. Anyway, you asked for my number and I didn’t give it. Instead, I said, give me your number and I’ll just message you back. You asked me what’s my network, and you probably thank the sun and the moon knowing that we’re using the same sim. (Cause almost everybody in class is using the other networks.)

Sometimes, you even called me for problems you cannot solve that I can’t solve either. So maybe, sometimes you’ll feel disappointed for a wasted call. Sorry, I suck at explaining. 

I didn’t remember how we actually became friends, well technically, we started bullying each other. It was P.E. time, I was eating ice cream and you were complaining about your stomach ache. We exchanged sarcastic and pissing words that neither of us wanted. You offered me Kremil-S, for what? LOL. That day, I’ve never forgot the look of that pink antacid you tried to make me feel pissed. 

That same day, I remember you putting your feet on that coconut shell, maybe you’re trying to get some strategies for the next game, but I said, “Wag, baka mabasag ‘yan sa bigat mo.” LOL! And duh, you’re pissed af.

Those were some of the memories that my brain can still remember— that my brain can still picture out on my mind.

I don’t know what happened next, but we became friends. Close friends. We hung out in malls and eat on fast foods. But hey, not only the two of us, we’re strolling in a group. As I was typing this, one memory popped in my head, that day we’re heading at a newly opened mall near our campus, you’re wearing a polo shirt and you’re collar isn’t in place. So, you asked me a favor to fix it. No biggie, I gently fold it on the back and make sure your OC-ness was okay and you’re finally good to go. With that, another memory popped, you always wanted the zipper’s hood on your JanSport in place (wherein the hood is covering the zipper). That’s one thing I get from you. Now I always do that on my JanSport. Haha!

Time passed by so quickly, and we get to the point where we used endearments. That is, you, finally admitting your feelings that you felt for me, that you liked me and to the point that you said that you loved me. It was fluttering and exciting and something you just can’t explain. It was something new. It was actually something I wanted, honestly.

I appreciate everything that you did from hatid-sundo and for really taking care of me when I’m sick pretty bad. That was summer, I was vommitting, feeling nauseatic, and my head really hurts. The school clinic was closed that day, and to top it off, my body isn’t functioning the way it should be, I was so tired and weak and the only thing I want is to close my eyes and sleep. Thank you for a shoulder that I leaned on and for staying with me on student council and never leaving my side and that you even took me home safely.

(P.S. It’s acid reflux guys. Chill! P.P.S. I was one week absent! Huhu)

We rode bikes, we watched movies on cinemas, we held hands on malls, we ate on Korean resraurants, we laughed, we argue, we reconcile, we celebrated Valentine’s and you gave me 3 pack of Toblerones, we really had a good time— together.

But we’re unlabeled.

Maybe that’s the reason that everything went messy and crashing and shattering.


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