Let’s Effing Do It!

I published my blog two years ago how everything happens for a reason, It’s all about my dream career. And then I published another blog a year ago, about how I wanted to run away from my current course in college. It was entitled soul search.

From my dream of being a fashion designer, to interior designer, to photographer, to be in the creative industry and to be a businesswoman, never have I ever dreamed of being an accountant. As cliché as it may seem, that is my course. Ironic. But this is much more unbelievable, I’m planning to apply as flight attendant after I graduate. I want to travel, to roam and experience the hype the world has to offer.

But hell, I’m still undecided. I don’t even know why I’m still stuck in this course. Idk what’s in there for me. While I’m just still here surviving all the accounting books and such. Argh! 

But I am determined and also afraid to pursue this career of being a cabin crew.

But what if it’s not meant for me?

Saan na ‘ko pupulutin? Anuna?

But you see, it’s not actually worth stressing over.

I mean, like fuck yeah! 

Let’s do it! If that what makes me happy, if that’s what I can feel I’m proud of then let’s kick ass and just do it! 

What if I fail? So what? Let’s try again! 

What if it’s not meant for me? Then damn! Let’s try another career! I’ll try everything until I can find that job that I will be passionately in love and happy!



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