Last Blog Written For You

I’ve moved on. I’ve let go.

This will be my last written letter for you.

The day after I’ve let go, I’ve seen you again few times and it feels great. I’ve managed not to care and my subconscious mind has this ‘I deserve better than you’ tarpaulin and guess what? It doesn’t even bother thinking about you! No hope, no feels, no heavy longing heart. There’s nothing left, finally. I let you go.

But boy, I hope you don’t make those eye contacts that stays longer than what it should be. We crossed paths, you’re sudden look was observed by my friends while I’m with them. I don’t know what’s on your mind but you already gave up on me. You didn’t fight for what could have been us. Don’t look at me as if you’re expecting something. I know, cause eyes speak louder than words could ever be. Don’t try to stare, I will never look at you anymore.

You stopped remember? While I was still imagining fairytales with you. 

But that’s okay, It made me realize how ‘tanga’ I was back then and how strong, mature and rational I’ve become. I have realized and discovered so many things in my life without you. Thanks.

I don’t know what the future holds but if we ever cross our paths again, I hope you won’t look at me. 

You left me so please stay gone.

You’ve become a stranger with all my secrets and I want you to completely erase me in your memory the same way I will do for you.

Sometimes I wish karma treat you the worst and I sometimes wish to gain the satisfaction of you suffering while I have already let go but then that is so immature. So I’m here wishing you luck on your future career and wishing you genuine happiness. 

I’m happy I finally let go of everything and I wish you are too.

I guess, this will be the best closure for the two of us.

Good bye! 🙂


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