Candy Teen Con 2016 (DRAFT)

Heyyo Candy girls and to all my fellow readers out there! If you guys are into these kind of girl and teen conventions, you might wanna check this out!

I’ve never been in any Candy Fairs in my whole life and this is the first time I will attend the Candy Mag’s first and biggest #CandyTeenCon2016 and I’m thrilled that I’m going to finally be a part of it!

In case you guys missed it, Candy Teen Con 2016 composes of:

  • Workshops by social media stars
  • Meet and Greet the Candy Cuties
  • Performance of celebrity guests
  • Live bands
  • Mini bazaars
  • Booths
  • Free cool items to score for

That’s pretty much a hype! So without further ado, let’s get going!

The event started at 10:00am at the SMX Convention Center, Manila but I arrived at around 11:30am and that’s no worries because the program actually started at around 1:00 in the afternoon.

Oh and by the way, the tickets can be bought at any SM Tickets branches nationwide. Fast and easy tix! Here’s mine:

I love the pastel colored Halloween themed main stage! So cute!

It’s a little crowded but there’s a lot of space to jump and run around. Here’s me and my fanmate Ralphy inside the event. (Thanks for the pic Ly!)

We didn’t get the chance to register for the social media stars’ workshops because we arrived late. But the workshops are held at a separate room at the SMX Convention Center. And I feel the candy girls enjoyed it and besides, those who were registered at the workshops got moshpit access so I think that’s pretty cool!

The opening was the performance of the bands,

 The Cohens:

It’s my favorite moment out of all the happenings this day.

The Juans Band:

Okay, this band I shall say, was epic! I love their bassisst! Ang pogi!

And another girl band here, sorry, I don’t know their name. I’ll update as soon as I get infos! Hehe

After that, they started calling their celebrity guests Tommy Esguerra, Andrea Brillantes, Richard Juan, Alexa Ilacad, Sue Ramirez, Migo Adecer, Ylona Garcia and lastly, Jack Reid.

Bloggers and Social Media Stars including some of the Candy Cuties are all over the place too. You can talk to them and take selfies together. Since I’m not that familiar to the social media stars, sadly, I don’t have any pictures with any of them to take home with me.

But here’s Candy boys casually hanging out the place:

Candy Cuties also ramped on stage one by one and after that, they went down to the Candy girls crowd to swoon our hearts and to have the opportunity to take selfies with them.

But the party isn’t over yet! DJ Rammy skillz are damn ugh! 

You’ll fell for him! He’s charming and he made all of us jump and groove to the beat! He’s so adorable! Young and wild and free for every music. YOLO!

Oopsie! Won’t let the day end without a selfie with DJ Rammy! ❤

So, we let’s ticked the Candy Cuties, Workshops and Celebs performances.

It’s time for the mini-bazaars and booths!

And… the ending


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