20 Q’s For A 20 Me

I gathered 20 random q’s from my highschool, college, fandom and childhood friends before I turned twenty last December 2016. I was supposed to publish this at 12:00am on the day of my birthday but time doesn’t permitted it. But it’s better late than never! Thank you to everyone who participated on this bloggy!

1. What would be your idea of the “perfect life”, excluding money and fame? What would be just the right balance for you to live contentedly? — Johanna Louise

For me to live contentedly, I guess I need both good times and bad times in my life. My recipe for a “perfect life” would be my family getting along, having faith, achieving my goals, making my dreams come to life and having a circle of friends I can trust.

2. What’s your advice to the people who’s losing hope in life because of unsupportive family? — Reneé Grace

One, don’t lose hope in life and remember that at any given moment, there will always be a reason to be happy. Two, don’t mind them just do your thing, the one that you’re good at. The best thing you can do is just believe in yourself and keep the passion lit and hot then burn them all with your kindness.

3. Do you have a place that you want to go back to? Where and why? — Aira Mariel

Hmm, I think it would be our house back in the days in Las Piñas City. I’d like to go back because I didn’t remember enough memories there. I only hear the moments created in that house to my mom, dad, bro and sis. I’d like to see it again this time, for real. And maybe, my mind can retrieve some of my childhood memories there. I’m very sentimental, I hope I can go back!

4. What is the most important lesson you have learned about love and life? — Pauline Margaret

I’ve learned how everything happens for a reason, may it be in love or solely in life. I believe that if something’s meant to change or happen in your life, there will always be a reason behind it and no need to rush, you just have to let it beautifully unfold.

5. Meron bang forever? (Is there such thing as forever?) — Richard

Of course, there is! There wouldn’t be a word forever in the dictionary if it doesn’t exist. But in this life, I’d love to have a forever in a lifetime.

6. What is your own definition of “love”? Where to find it? When is the right time to find it? and how do you find it? Do you think you’re ready to love? If yes, why? — Ralph Lloyd

Love is… precious. You’ll find it in the deepest and honest part of you. Love cures a lot of negatives in us. You don’t need to actually find love, it’s just there, born within you. But if you’re talking the the love pertaining to relationships and commitments, it’ll come to you in His own time. Just trust His timing. Am I ready to love? Not sure yet.

7. What’s your biggest regret in life? — Denise Nicole

Probably, welcoming people that I’d thought would never turn their backs on me. But I guess, that’s part of our life and I’m thankful and I appreciate everyone that’s staying in my circle now. I believe that they’re the right people, the one that stays through my every drama. 

8. Kung magiging hayop ka sa susunod na buhay mo, ano ito at bakit unggoy? (If ever you’re going to be an animal in your next life, what will you be and why is it monkey?) — Joana Marie

I didn’t see this question coming so first of all, walang hiya ka Joana Marie. Lol. Since you didn’t give me the chance to pick my own animal (I’ll choose to be a leopard sana, idk why), but since I ate bananas everytime, and human genes are closest to monkeys, I’ll choose ’em.

9. Which activities do you think ate most of your time? If you’re going to die today and you have the power to control the last minute of your life, who is the last person you’re going to talk to? Are you willing to experience extreme humiliation in order to achieve your dream? If yes, why? — Christine Jean

Ang dami namang q’s! Kidding! I think watching Korean dramas and American series ate a lot of my time but I don’t regret it since I am happy doing it. 

I’m not going to just one person, maybe I’ll use the 40secs for my mom and dad and the other 20secs, for my closest friends.

 If I find that dream that will make my heart beats so fast then yes, I am willing to experience extreme humiliation as long as it’s my fault and there’s a good reason for it. Why? Because that’s how you achieve your dreams, nothing is free and easy. You have to make sacrifices and a lot of hard work because without that, you won’t appreciate that great feeling of finally catching your dream.

10. Can you send a little message to the future, the 25 years old you? — Jezi Kirsten

Hey, self! I hope you achieved your dream that you always wanted. I hope you’re happy walking on your journey to making all your dreams come true. To whatever path you take, I wish you all the best and I just wanted you to know that I will always be proud and rooting for you. I know you are brave and tough so whatever that thing you are worried about right now, it will pass. Keep your faith and believe in God’s timing. Everything happens for a reason, so keep that smile and throw your frown away. Celebrate little achievements and have some fun with your friends! Iluffyew! All the love from your 20y.o. self! ❤️

11. What are the things you do to make yourself feel better? Lalo pag yamot ka, yung as in yamot to the nth power? — Tedie Lynne

I usually let it all out, releasing all the rage sometimes make me feel a lot better. But there’s also times I can’t control it and use a lot of harsh words so now I’m learning how to regulate it by breathing slowly and letting my muscles relax when I feel like I’m about to burst. Also, diversion is a key. Like, go shop or watch some romantic/sci-fi movies. 

12. How did you survive the stage of moving on? — Joyce Wilma

I blogged about this, on how I moved on. But honestly, it’s hard to be trapped in there. I survived with diversion and constantly refocusing my priorities to my future self and career, that’s basically the life after college. And of course, with the happy memories we’ve created as squad and for all the love my family had given me. It really takes time. Time won’t heal you, you actually heal with time.

13. Now that your dreams are slowly turning into reality, what will be the next goal you want to achieve after you graduate? Also, can you give an inspirational message to the people who want to push and achieve their own goals? — Brilson

Actually, I don’t see my dreams turning into reality just— yet. But the little writing achievement I got was amazing and it feels really great! My next goal I guess, would be focusing on landing on my dream job. I have to put in a lot of effort to catch that and… i’m willing to do the hardwork for it.

Anyway, I’m not really good at giving messages but, all I can say is that let life surprise you. Be open for new paths and always bring a 5-second bravery on your pocket. Let your bravery do its trick, it might take you to places you’ve never been before. And don’t ever forget to believe in yourself! Self-doubts won’t take you anywhere. More self-love too!

14. What does it feel to be 20 years old?— Charlene

It feels the same, actually. I still feel like I’m 16 years old, still keeping that child inside me. Hmm, I finally left the teenlife and I’m a bit excited what adulting has to offer with me in the coming days, months and years. I will just let this new chapter blooms.

15. What is your definition of “faith” and have you decided when you’re going to be our sister in faith? — Janelle Rose

I define faith as a strong belief in the Almighty and how great He is. We’ll always be like sisters and I know I’ll come to that point, where the timing will be perfect. I’ll feel it in my heart, welcome me God willing if that day will come!
16. What do you believe in more? “If you love someone let them go” or “if you love someone fight for that person”? — Kimberly Rosary

Whoa, there! A question about love. I believe in better to “If you love someone, let them go.” Why? Because you don’t need to fit yourself to someone who doesn’t actually love you. What for? You’ll just end up much more miserable. But you know, if you love that person and that person loves you back, you don’t need to fight or let them go. You just have to be patient, for this “person” who will be the best match for you. And everything will follow, if that man is meant to be yours, he will be yours.

17. I’m challenging you to create your “personal philosophy”, something that will make Kirsten a unique girl out of all of the Kirsten’s in the world.

This Kirsten will always be kind and will always choose love. She will always keep the faith, love and gratitude to God in all ways. She will always be thankful for everything and she won’t be a dastard because she’s lionhearted.

18. What makes a meaningful life for you? — Leicah Mae

It’s the downhills that makes life meaningful because you will learn how to appreciate all the best blessings through the bad times. I think that if there’s no hardships in this world then I guess, there wouldn’t be celebrations, achievements, success, happiness and love that makes one’s life a meaningful life. All love lei! 
19. How does one get rid of overthinking? — Lerelyn

I don’t know. I’m a professional overthinker, you know that. But let me just share what I do when my mind can’t handle the thousand of thoughts and points that keep coming on my mind. I breathe in, breathe out then I close my eyes. I let all my thoughts coming then I won’t react. It’s like, controlling your mind. If one thought comes up, let it.Then don’t react about it. Let it just pass. Try doing it, I hope it helps.
20. What life would you choose? High school life or College life? Why? — Alcris

I will choose both, of course! High school taught me how to have fun and enjoy my youth and college life taught me a lot of lessons in reality including how to stay sane (lol) when you have a lot on your plate. Both helped me grow and I’m very thankful to all of you guys that’s been and will continue to be a part of my life’s journey. Ang senti! 


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