La Fin πŸŽ“ Speech

Hi! It’s been awhile and I didn’t see my college graduation coming before my eyes.

Four years. 

It’s been four long years with just one week vacay every after a semester and without any summer breaks at all. 

Hustling. Moving. Surviving.

Every single day you have to force yourself to get up and get things done. You have to hustle for exams, you have to keep moving forward through failures or else you’ll be out of pace and you have to survive the self-doubts, stress and lemons that life throws on you.

That’s how I made it. That’s how I think we made it.

I wanted to look back on all these years but I think I will run out of pages on my notepad. So let me just write a glimpse of everything and everyone that had been a part of it.

This life achievement is for my mom and dad. I wouldn’t make it without their support. Kahit na hindi sila clingy and showy, I still feel their love and I’m very grateful to have them both from the beginning ’til the end. They believed in me kahit na I have a lot of self-doubts. They don’t blame me nor get angry for my failures, instead they gave me advice and comforted me.
I remember crying my heart out in front of them, telling how I failed my qualifying exam. They watched me, say their thoughts and gave me space.

One time, we’re eating on the dining table and I said,

“Pa, ayoko na.” I have a lot of rice left on my plate.

Then my Dad said, “Bakit Be? Wala kang gana?” then my tears started to fall down.

I thought those scenes happen only on afternoon tv shows and Korean dramas but then I guess reality dropped by on my life that day.

My dad just rubbed my back and said that it was okay. I cried then stood up and sulk myself in my room.

Nevertheless, their simple gesture uplifts me.

It really meant a lot.

I’ve been depressed for once, twice, thrice? But I don’t give up, I get back on my feet again because of my parents. 

Dumating pa nga sa point na, I only have 2 subjects evaluated for enrollment and I was just like “what the fcuk?” and then there’s this one big shake na muntik pang mawala ang section namin. 

I have a lot of bad experiences in college, discrimination, degrading, favoritism, unprofessional treatment, and a lot of sacrifices. But I won’t mention it here na, I’ll be making a separate blog post for that.

But out of all the bullshits, I stood up, yes, for this girl named Jezi Kirsten.

I forced myself to move even if it means I have to grope and crawl my way out of all the negatives and setbacks.

I didn’t know I will learn this in college but I’m glad I did.

And now, we made it! We made it through it all! I’m here and I graduated with my degree. I love you, Mama and Papa! Thank you for supporting me on my graduation day kahit na sobrang init sa venue. I hope I made you so proud! Keep on believing in me, and we’ll soar!

University life wouldn’t be called a life without your block mates that turned into friends that turned like your family once you step inside the four-walled rooms.

My threesome, Aira, Denise and Leicah, I don’t know how I will survive my freshmen years without you guys! You’re my closest friends I know I wouldn’t forget.

My beetches, Christine, Joana, Joyce, Kimberly, Tedie, Chay, and Krizelle, I will always be grateful for giving me lovely friends like you guys. We’ve been through a lot of bullshits and we somehow conquered it with smile and laughters on our faces.

All the rants, kagaguhan, foul words and bitching we did are all kept safe in a treasure box inside my heart. Of course, all the clingy, sweet and strong ties we created are in my heart as well.

It will be dull without you guys! Kayo ‘yung dahilan kung bakit ako pumapasok kapag tamad na tamad ako. I hope we’ll still keep in touch kahit we have different journeys ahead of us. I know it will be hard, but keep in mind that I will always be here.

My classmates, I wouldn’t have a grade on group projects kung wala kayo! Guys we all made it! I’m so proud! I hope that even though we have our own squad, you will still keep in touch and keep reaching for your dreams. I’m just one chat away for anything!

But it’s not only going to revolve around the university, there are also people that indirectly helped you to what you have gone through. Like your closest cousins, aunt and uncles, your grandma and your whole amazing family.

They are always there to bear a hand and guide you to your next big steps. They will make you smile and send you little things to let you know how they value you as their kin. I’m very grateful to be a part of my mom and dad’s family. Thank you po sa inyo, pati na sa pagsuporta sa mga pinapangarap ko. Love you all! I’ll make you all proud and pay you back for all the good things you’ve done to me po. I will work hard for our fam!

And of course, there are also my childhood friends and closest chingus (Korean word for “friend”) that believed in me and helped me through all my needs. I’m glad to have you! I won’t mention any names because I know you know how thankful I am for having you. Thank you for being my friend, my real friend.

I guess, I can’t say good bye and I’m still in denial to the fact that I am transitioning from a student to a soon-to-be professional young adult. It will be hard, it will be intimidating (said Joey) and I know, it will also be fun!

It’s time to step my feet outside my comfort zone,

it’s time to get out and welcome this new beginning,

It’s time to be lionhearted for reality,

it’s time to start believing in myself,

It’s time to allow changes and have courage,

It’s time to be the one who decided to go for it,

It’s time to believe in the good things coming,

It’s time to take flight,

and it’s time to reach for my dreams!


This has been Jezi Kirsten, signing off to university life.


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