Life Update: Braces Removed!ο»Ώ

Hello there!

So today, my brackets were removed and my gums and mouth can now freshly breathe!

Having my braces for almost 3 years, I’ve grown attached to the metals brushing through my mouth.

I’ve also swallowed countless o-ring rubbers and I survived pricks from my wires that caused a lot of swellings on my cheeks.

It was an experience, the pain of adjustments every month and the “oh, bakit mayroon na namang sira dito?” or “natanggalan ka na naman ng bracket?” lines of my dentist for every visit.

It will be in my memory for a lifetime!

I’m going to miss brushing my teeth for 15 minutes, the torture of having shredded meat hanging on my brackets while eating and the annoying cooked rice grains in between my wires.

(Only those who wear braces can really relate to this, lol!)

It’s been tough, but it’s definitely came out great! For every pain, there’s a gain!

Today’s the end and we’ve finally parted ways and I’ve never been this happy without it although,

I’m really going to miss it, for sure.

Super kakaiba ‘yung feeling right now, like there’s no more roughy brackets but smooth and polished teeth na lang. Another transition from the struggle of wearing brackets to getting back to the normal teeth phase.

Sayang, I didn’t take a picture for remembrance.

So long, my lovely braces… 

and hello, retainers! πŸ’™


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