◾ What is the backstory of the name Rouge Svelte?

My favorite color is red (and black) so I decided to put it on my username to make it more personal and more me. It was supposed to be redsvelte but my sister told me that it would sound better if I use the french word Rouge. So, I took her suggestion and I named it Rougesvelte. My discovery of the word svelte was actually a serendipity. It was that time of the day I was randomly browsing through my mobile dictionary and I spot this word svelte, curious, I looked through it’s meaning: “thin in an attractive or graceful way; slender and elegant”. I’m thin and I want elegant so I fell in love with the word. Poof!

◾ What makes you decide to create a blog?

Because of my brother. He’s the one who actually introduce me to WordPress. I always see him blogging and I also read his articles. Why not? So I finally decided to create (a serious) one. At that same time, I was moving on in a heart break. I wanted to see things beyond my eyes and start focusing on myself, do things that I will love and share my experiences in life through writing. I want to divert my attention back then and now I’m moved on and I’m so in love (but I’m still learning more) with my blog! I’m still a rookie. Give it a time, and I’ll write more!


◾ Who are you?

I’m Kirsten. You can call me “Kirs” for short. I’m just a girl with a mole on her collarbone and a birthmark on her right wrist. You’ll know more about me by reading my published posts. So what are you waiting for? Check it out and give me some love!

◾ For further inquiries or business matters, you can mail me at jezikirsten@yahoo.com or you can directly message me through Twitter and Instagam @jezikirsten.

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