La Fin 🎓 Speech

Hi! It’s been awhile and I didn’t see my college graduation coming before my eyes. Four years.  It’s been four long years with just one week vacay every after a semester and without any summer breaks at all.  Hustling. Moving. Surviving. Every single day you have to force yourself to get up and get things […]

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JeziKirsten Monochrome

Hi! Few months ago, I tried searching my name on Google because I was too curious (and I guess everyone, for once in their life, tried it too right?).

Well subsequently, I saw this monochrome photo quote and I freaked out because wow! Quote Catalog got me one from my article on Thought Catalog. Yay! I didn’t expected this and I somehow feel very proud of my work. Cheers!

I posted this on my Social Media sites the day I found it and I forgot about my blog (I don’t consider WordPress as a social media site, sorry!), so this is a very late post but anyway, if you haven’t read the whole piece yet, it’s burning with 200K shares so don’t miss it out and visit it on Thought Catalog here and give it some love!

And if you like this quote, I hope you share it on your friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter via this link:

Feel free to write down your thoughts on the comment box below too! I will wait for it!

Thank you!


20 Q’s For A 20 Me

I gathered 20 random q’s from my highschool, college, fandom and childhood friends before I turned twenty last December 2016. I was supposed to publish this at 12:00am on the day of my birthday but time doesn’t permitted it. But it’s better late than never! Thank you to everyone who participated on this bloggy! 1. […]

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Please, Please?

Hey! ‘To na naman ako, may quiz ako bukas sa management accounting pero I suddenly clicked on my WordPress app and damn! I started writing na.  Kanina pa ‘ko nagsusulat about dito pero nakakainis ang WordPress, nadelete lahat nung sinulat ko from 9:35pm. 😦 Sorry if this is a taglish post but I feel like […]

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Last Blog Written For You

I’ve moved on. I’ve let go. This will be my last written letter for you. The day after I’ve let go, I’ve seen you again few times and it feels great. I’ve managed not to care and my subconscious mind has this ‘I deserve better than you’ tarpaulin and guess what? It doesn’t even bother […]

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