Slay With Crowning Glory

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Please, Please? (Part 2)

So… Part II na tayo ng blog Please, Please? agad agad. Why? It’s 12:35am on my clock, I listened to his songs after how many days that felt so long. It feels weird. It’s different now than I first heard it. Ang hirap siguro paniwalaan pero I feel like nag tempo +1 ‘yung mga songs […]

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Book Quote

​“I want to believe there is a somebody out there for me. I want to believe that I exist to be there for that somebody.” 

— Rachel Cohn, Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares

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Tuesday Music

Here’s my Tuesday Music choice: My Boo by Ghost Town DJ I’ve chosen this song ’cause if you guys checked on my previous blog, you’ll have an idea why I picked it. So better read it and show some love too.  I didn’t select this because it became popular with #RunningManChallenge but because I want you to […]

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Please, Please?

Hey! ‘To na naman ako, may quiz ako bukas sa management accounting pero I suddenly clicked on my WordPress app and damn! I started writing na.  Kanina pa ‘ko nagsusulat about dito pero nakakainis ang WordPress, nadelete lahat nung sinulat ko from 9:35pm. 😦 Sorry if this is a taglish post but I feel like […]

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Candy Teen Con 2016 (DRAFT)

Heyyo Candy girls and to all my fellow readers out there! If you guys are into these kind of girl and teen conventions, you might wanna check this out! I’ve never been in any Candy Fairs in my whole life and this is the first time I will attend the Candy Mag’s first and biggest […]

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